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 3 Full Days Of Coaching with Jeanine (Valued At $14,997)
 Your Rockstar Power Plan [a Supreme Love Project Breakthrough Book™] to draft your Personal Liberation Project for a radically new life and love (Valued At $2497)
 Access to breakout sessions with world-renowned guest speakers (Valued At $4997)
 1 Ticket to the VIP Welcome Reception (Value: $197)
 Private, networking lunch each day of the event with guest speakers (Value: $1197)
 An exclusive ticket to the Launch Box! A ½ VIP Day of Small Group Coaching [with lunch + Jeanine] immediately after the PWRR Event. This is a 2.5 hour elite coaching experience where you’ll get laser focused coaching from Jeanine + work on your Rockstar Power Plan + build an immediate, vetted accountability to ensure your success in deeper healing for higher living. (Value: $4597)
 60-minute small group coaching session, after the PWRR Event, to activate your Personal Liberation Project with accountability that sets you up for BIG success in life and love. (Value: $1597)
 A 30-minute, one-on-one coaching session with Jeanine afer the PWRR Event. (Value: $597)
 Lifetime access to one Supreme Love Project Summit of your choice. These interview series are filled with cutting edge coaching to keep you focused and inspired post-PWRR. (Value: $297)
 10% off the next Supreme Love Project’s exclusive, small-group coaching retreat with Jeanine, any time of the year, anywhere in the world. (Value: $597)
 An autographed copy of Jeanine’s bestselling book : The Revelations of Asher: Toward Supreme Love In Self. (Value: $197)
 Early bird insights + discounts to all brand new Supreme Love Projects [be on the VIP List and get priority information about, and access to, all new summits, podcasts, clubs, retreats, live events, and intimate settings where Jeanine will be ministering] for one year. (Value: Priceless!)
TOTAL VALUE: $31,767
 This work is transformational. If you put in the effort; go in with 110% of your effort. Your life will be transformed."
— MARY, 54, IA, Pilot
 Before I felt like there was a limit, like I had a limit. Now I don't. Now, I feel like there is really nothing I can't do.
— DEE, 45, TX, Sales
 One real highlight was getting to the point of radically accepting every single part of myself."
— SHARON, 43, UK, Artist
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